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"I'm a big fan of the immediate mood boost I get from cryotherapy, as well as the decrease of aches and pains. It's helped me keep pursuing the activities I love." - Kat Whitson

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What is Cryotherapy?

Quite simply, cryotherapy is exposure to cold. Whole body cryotherapy began in the 1970’s as a non-invasive way to promote healing and wellness by tapping into the body’s natural abilities to care for itself.

What should I expect?

One- to three-minutes of exposure to up-to -184˚F cold air. The sensation is not unlike being in an Iowa winter, but is over much more quickly.

What is the dress code – can I wear my clothes or am I completely naked?

You will be provided gloves, socks, and clogs to wear during your cryotherapy session, as well as a robe to put on while traveling from the attached dressing room into the cryosauna. Aside from those, you are welcome to dress to your comfort level regarding undergarments – however, you’ll want to make sure they do not have metal that is touching your skin.

Will I be comfortable in the cryosauna?

Everyone is different, and we’ll do our best to make sure you are comfortable. Your head is always outside of the cryosauna and the cryosauna door does not lock.  If you feel uncomfortable at any point during your session, alert your operator and they will pause or stop the session immediately.

What benefits do people experience from cryotherapy?

Many cryotherapy participants indicate they experience a range of benefits including pain management, inflammation reduction, increased energy, improved workout recovery, better sleep, mood enhancement, and weight management – as well as others.

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